Nisnow's Mean Lean Green Zine Experience

My name is Nisnow and I like spreadsheets and triangles. I also like zines a bit too much. Please give me coffee.Do you want to be a BIG SHOT?!

Who's this nerd?!


Hi, I'm Nisnow! You might know me as phantom_nisnow online, Nis, or Rin. I'm a software engineer by day, a fanatic artist, and a totally sane writer by night.I love working together with passionate people on zines, whether to share our love for something to the world or for good causes. I hope to inspire people to keep being creative and awesome artists through zines. My overly ambitious nature and dedication make me put lots of love and work towards these projects as I wish for them to succeed.I've been described as friendly, kind, reliable, hard-working, insane, and enthusiastic by mods in the projects I've worked in. I make too many puns and am not afraid to say them. Organized chaos tends to ensue with my presence sometimes, but I promise it's for the greater good :)I am no longer available to help on other projects.

Art by cysketch and animated by me

Organizer Experience


- Contributor to 40+ zines as a page artist since April 2020
- Zine mod since September 2021
- Professional freelance artist for 4 years who's been drawing for more than 10 years
- IRL software engineer with experience working and communicating with large teams
- I am experienced in the following roles: design (graphics, branding, layout & formatting), organization, marketing, proofreading, shipping, production, accounting, and finance.
- I love incorporating my illustrative skills in my graphics to create engaging graphics that tell stories. I also make a lot of memes :^)
- Design software experience: Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop CS6, Adobe After Effects, Adobe InDesign, Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher, Krita, Microsoft PowerPoint, some Blender

Quick Zine Experience List

TitleFandomThemeRole(s)StatusAmount Donated (USD)
Nomtendo!NintendoCookbookPromo artist + graphic designerComplete$24,320.84
FEmme FataleFire EmblemFemale antagonistsEmergency graphic designerComplete$952.00
Full Steam Ahead!OriginalWomen in STEMHost, visual design, finance, production, fulfillmentComplete$819.00
Winds of HoennPokemonHoenn regionGraphic designer, promo art lead, marketing, finance modComplete$24,000.00
Beyond the SkyXenoblade ChroniclesTravelHost, visual design, finance, production, fulfillmentComplete$16,479.14
Sheer ColdPokemonIce-typesEmergency finance and productionComplete$1666.41
Fire BlastPokemonFire-typesEmergency shippingComplete--
[[BIG SHOT]]DeltaruneSpamtonGraphic designer + marketingCancelled--
PokeGeistPokemonGhost-typesLayout & Formatting + BrandingProduction--

Host duties include overall organization, leadership, and project management. Visual design duties include branding, book design (layout & formatting), and creation of promotional graphics and videos.

Contributor Experience

Fandoms + Interests

I have a wide variety of interests and don't stick to any single fandom at once; that said, my top fandoms are the following in no order:
- Nintendo
- Pokemon
- Fire Emblem
- Marvel Studios
- Undertale + Deltarune
- Xenoblade Chronicles